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The Audubon Society Field Guide To Wildflowers, Eastern Region,
William A. Niering, Nancy C. Olmstead, Knopf
The Audubon Society Field Guide To Mushrooms,
Gary H. Lincoff, Knopf.
The Audubon Society Field Guide To North American Trees, Eastern Region,
Elbert D. Little, Knopf
Common Flora Of The Playa Lakes; David A. Haukos, Loren M. Smith and Russell T. Wipff (Photographer);
Texas Tech University Press
A Field Guide to Southern Mushrooms
Nancy Smith Weber and Alexander H. Smith, Dan Guravich (Photographer), University of Michigan Press.
Great Smoky Mountains Wildflowers; Carlos C. Campbell, Aaron J. Sharp, Robert W. Hutson, Willi Hutson;
Windy Pines Pub.
A Guide To Wildflowers In Winter;Carol Levine, Dick Rauh (Illustrator), Samuel Ristich (Photographer);
Yale Univ. Press (Hardcover)
How Plants Get Their Names; L. H. Bailey;
Dover Publications
How to Know the Lichens;
Mason E. Hale, Wm. C. Brown Company Publishers.
The Illustrated Book Of Wildflowers And Shrubs:
The Comprehensive Field Guide to More Than 1,300 Plants of Eastern North America; William Carey Grimm, John T. Kartesz; Stackpole Books
Macrolichens of the Pacific Northwest;
Bruce McCune and Linder Geiser, Oregon State University Press.
(Best pictures I've found of lichens.)
Missouri Wildflowers; Edgar Dennison;
Missouri Dept. of Conservation
The Mushroom Book, Thomas Lessoe, Anna Del Conte and Gary Lincoff
DK Publishing.
Mushrooms Demystified; David Arora
Ten Speed Press. (Very readable; humorous text.)
Mushrooms of North America; Roger Phillips
Little, Brown and Company
Newcomb's Wildflower Guide, Lawrence Newcomb, Gordon Morrison (Illustrator)
Little Brown (the BEST key system)
Oklahoma Wildflowers, Doyle McCoy,
Self published
Peterson Field Guides, Wildflowers, Northeastern, Northcentral,
Roger Tory Peterson, Houghton Miffin
Peterson Field Guides, Mushrooms,
Kent H. McKnight and Vera B. McKnight, Houghton Miffin
Pasture and Range Plants,
Fort Hays State University.
Roadside Flowers of OklahomaVol.1 & Vol.2, Doyle McCoy,
Self published
Roadside Wildflowers of the Southern Great Plains, Craig C. Freeman, Eileen K. Schofield,
University Press of Kansas
Tallgrass Prairie Wildflowers, Douglas Ladd, Frank Oberle (Photographer),
Texas Wildflowers; Lynn Loughmiller, Lynn. Sherrod, Campbell Loughmiller;
Univ. of Texas Press (Hardcover)
Trees, Shrubs, And Woody Vines of the Southwest,
Robert A. Vines,with drawings by Sarah Kahlder Arendale, University of Texas Press
Uses Of Plants by The Indians Of The Missouri River Region; Melvin R. Gilmore, Bellamy Parks Jansen (Illustrator);
University Of Nebraska Press
Water Plants For Missouri Ponds; James R. Whitley, Barbara Bassett, Joe G. Dillard & Rebecca A. Haefner;
Missouri Dept. of Conservation
Wildflowers of Arkansas, Carl G. Hunter
Ozark Society Foundation. (Hardcover)

Wildflowers Of The Northern Great Plains; Fenton R. Vance, Jowsey & Mclean;
Univ. of Minn. Press
Wildflowers of North America, Frank D. Venning & Saito,

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