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Use of the Game Type Map
1. Post Oak - Blackjack Game Type
2. Oak - Hickory Forest Game Type
3. Bottomland Timber Game Type
4. The Oak - Pine Forest Game Type
5. Loblolly Pine - Hardwood Game Type
(description included within the Oak - Pine Forest Game Type)
6. Tallgrass Prairie Game Type
7. The Mixed - Grass - Eroded Plains Type
8. The Stabilized-dune Game Type
9. The Shinnery - Grassland Game Type
10. The Sandsage-grassland Game Type
11. The Shortgrass - High Plains Game Type
12. The Piñón - Juniper - Mesa Game Type
Literature Cited
Table 1: Approximate area occupied by each Game Type in Oklahoma.
Table 2: County distribution, and the approximate area occupied, of each Game Type in Oklahoma. [Note: This is a very large table not included here at the present time.]

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